Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Gathering Place

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One of the beautiful demonstrators for Uppercase Living, Niki Hostetler Gering, shared this amazing story about a tornado.

On the wall in the kitchen, remains the expression "The Gathering Place"

Last night my Aunt and Uncle's farm in Harper, KS was hit by a tornado. The house and 14 buildings around it were demolished. My Grandma's house across the road was untouched. I grew up a mile down the road, and spent a lot of time here. So hard to see and the destruction is going to take some time to clean up. Lots of pictures that are hard to look at, but this one makes me smile. And there will be another gathering place again soon.

The destruction is incredible and it's going to take weeks of work to clean it up. There's a lot of "stuff" on farm!! One cousin and his family (3 young boys) were in the basement and barely made it. Another cousin and hired hand were trying to get to the basement and ended up riding the tornado out in a Chevy Avalanche in the DRIVEWAY outside the garage!! The windows were blown out of it and debris was flying everywhere but God kept that truck in place and they walked away unharmed! I have a lot of family that live within a mile of this farm....EVERYONE else was in a nearby town at another cousin's graduation party. SUCH A BLESSING! and God truly is good.

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