Friday, July 27, 2012

Chair Makeover

Upcycle Furniture

Step One: First things first, you want to make sure your favorite piece of furniture is clean, so use a damp rag on all of the surfaces and let it dry.

Step Two: Once your furniture is dry, sand it lightly, then wipe off the dust.

Step Three: Grab some paint and paint the under color—this will be the color of the graphic when the piece is completely finished.

Step Four: Let the paint dry! This might take some time depending on humidity and temperature. Be patient.

Step Five: Apply your Uppercase Living® vinyl. Make sure you push it and smooth it over the curves of your furniture, so it looks perfect. If you need to, cut some darts in the transfer tape for proper placement.

Step Six: Grab some more paint and paint the top color!

Step Seven: Wait until the paint is almost dry, but still a little tacky to the touch.

Step Eight: Remove the Uppercase Living® vinyl carefully. You can use the edge of an XACTO knife to lift up the edge and peel off the vinyl.

Step Nine: Go to bed and let the paint cure overnight.

Step Ten: Distress your piece of furniture by sanding the edges to create a years-of-use effect.

Step Eleven: Wipe off any dust from your previous sanding efforts.

Step Twelve: Glaze the entire piece of furniture with a stain or antiquing medium and let it dry.

Step Thirteen: Apply two – three coats of polyacrylic to finish it.

Step Fourteen: Enjoy your furniture!

Dark Walnut Stain works great to antique. 

BIN primer is a great product.

Krylon gloss and semi-gloss is a great product to use when upcycling furniture.
Can be purchased at WalMart.
Rustoleum Painters Touch 2X can be found at Home Depot.

Great product for the finishing protective coat.

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