Saturday, May 5, 2012

Upcycle Kitchen Chairs

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My plain, old, scratched-up kitchen chairs were in desperate need of a makeover.
This is the final result.

This is similar to the color of the original chairs.

lightly sand the chairs

spray paint base color (i used Krylon ivory semi-gloss for the base color)

apply vinyl embellishment (embellishment can be any color, it's serving as a mask)
• you can buy vinyl embellishments from companies like Uppercase Living

spray the chair black (i used Krylon semi-gloss black)

remove vinyl embellishment

sand edges and other places to show wear
you can sand just to the almond color or sand all the way to the wood grain

apply dark walnut stain in small sections, then wipe-off
repeat until you have stained the entire chair

finish with two or three coats of minwax polycrylic protective gloss
(i have three small boys, so I did three coats of the protective finish!)

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