Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Son

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I love this quote. I also love the thought of turning our thoughts, actions and deeds to The Son of God.
I know as I focus on my Savior, I feel His light which gives me strength to carry life's burdens.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Beauty of Flowers

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Psalms 103:15 As for man, his days are as grass: as a flower of the field, so he flourisheth.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Best Dad

Personalize an 8x10 frame to create a beautiful piece of art that dad will want to take to work!

• repurpose or find an 8 x 10 frame at a thrift store
• clean glass well before applying the vinyl expression
• chose a piece of scrapbook paper with a simple design
• write sweet and meaningful messages on the paper (great project for kids!)
• leave open space on the paper where the expression will go, so none of the messages get covered up
• put scrapbook paper in frame with glass on top

Idea from Inger Erickson.
Vinyl can be purchased from Uppercase Living.

Other great Gifts for Dads are listed here.

Check out my new blog Ivory Bloom!

Lots of FREE printables, creative ideas and an art community.

I love you

Everyone loves to hear why they are loved. Create this fun project and have a place for family members to write messages back and forth to each other.

Design created by Inger Erickson, founder of Uppercase Living and my wonderful friend.

Dry erase vinyl and the cute "I love you because" expression are available from Uppercase Living.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Father's Day Pot of Treats

Fun Father's Day gift idea!
Create a personal message with vinyl lettering.
Fill the pot with dad's favorite treats.

I saw a great segment on tv earlier this year titled Gifts for Guys.
Studio 5 producer, Michelle Torsak, decided to ask men what they want...
Here is some of the great information she gathered:

I interviewed 25 men at all ages and stages in life and came to the following conclusions:

1. They get lost on sentimental, but they appreciate the personal.
· Put family pictures on containers and fill with snacks for his cubicle. Each person in the family represents a type of treat. For example: Sweet, salty, spicy, sour.
· Custom fortune cookies; m
2. They are cognizant of family funds, so they appreciate the small splurges.
· Fill an oversize Coke bottle with quarters to be used for vending machine splurges; Walmart; $5.99
· A pad of dollar bills; available from your bank
· Gift card to a lunch hotspot by his work
3. Doesn't matter their age, they are 14 at heart.
· Architectural Lego toys; Barnes & Noble; $20
· Bad Boy Bag; ; $15
· Hard-To-Find 70's Candy (or any decade);Hometown Favorites at
4. They appreciate presence more than presents.
· Dinner with your full attention is always appreciated.
5. Sometimes the intangible is the best gift of all.
· A coupon book with the something important to them: a night home alone, an opportunity to sleep in, an afternoon of golf. Don't make them "ask" to redeem, give them a calendar date for when you will make it happen.

Upcycle Kitchen Chairs

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My plain, old, scratched-up kitchen chairs were in desperate need of a makeover.
This is the final result.

This is similar to the color of the original chairs.

lightly sand the chairs

spray paint base color (i used Krylon ivory semi-gloss for the base color)

apply vinyl embellishment (embellishment can be any color, it's serving as a mask)
• you can buy vinyl embellishments from companies like Uppercase Living

spray the chair black (i used Krylon semi-gloss black)

remove vinyl embellishment

sand edges and other places to show wear
you can sand just to the almond color or sand all the way to the wood grain

apply dark walnut stain in small sections, then wipe-off
repeat until you have stained the entire chair

finish with two or three coats of minwax polycrylic protective gloss
(i have three small boys, so I did three coats of the protective finish!)

Glass Charger DIY Video

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Inger Erickson and I created a fun diy video for a mother's day gift.

The products shown in the video are from Uppercase Living.