Saturday, May 5, 2012

Father's Day Pot of Treats

Fun Father's Day gift idea!
Create a personal message with vinyl lettering.
Fill the pot with dad's favorite treats.

I saw a great segment on tv earlier this year titled Gifts for Guys.
Studio 5 producer, Michelle Torsak, decided to ask men what they want...
Here is some of the great information she gathered:

I interviewed 25 men at all ages and stages in life and came to the following conclusions:

1. They get lost on sentimental, but they appreciate the personal.
· Put family pictures on containers and fill with snacks for his cubicle. Each person in the family represents a type of treat. For example: Sweet, salty, spicy, sour.
· Custom fortune cookies; m
2. They are cognizant of family funds, so they appreciate the small splurges.
· Fill an oversize Coke bottle with quarters to be used for vending machine splurges; Walmart; $5.99
· A pad of dollar bills; available from your bank
· Gift card to a lunch hotspot by his work
3. Doesn't matter their age, they are 14 at heart.
· Architectural Lego toys; Barnes & Noble; $20
· Bad Boy Bag; ; $15
· Hard-To-Find 70's Candy (or any decade);Hometown Favorites at
4. They appreciate presence more than presents.
· Dinner with your full attention is always appreciated.
5. Sometimes the intangible is the best gift of all.
· A coupon book with the something important to them: a night home alone, an opportunity to sleep in, an afternoon of golf. Don't make them "ask" to redeem, give them a calendar date for when you will make it happen.

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