Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Garage Sale to Gorgeous

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My friend Inger called me one Saturday morning with some exciting news. 
She was on a walk with her husband and there was a garage sale that had some great furniture. 
She snagged this chair for me {only $10} and three cute chairs for her.

First I sanded the chair and cleaned thoroughly.

Then spray painted the entire chair red.
{I like to use Krylon® Indoor/Outdoor gloss or semi-gloss
or 2X Painter's Touch gloss or semi-gloss.}

Let the paint cure in the shade.

I applied a large vinyl embellishment that I got from Uppercase Living.

Then, spray painted the entire chair blue.
Peeled off the vinyl when the blue paint was still tacky.
The beautiful red color underneath was revealed.

Then I sanded and distressed the chair.
I usually use a semi-gloss paint, but this chair got a satin finish, on accident! 
With a satin finish, I couldn't use the dark walnut stain I liked to use to give the furniture a vintage look. With the satin finish, there is NO time to wipe-off the stain once it's applied. 
When this happens, the furniture just looks dirty.
I wasn't sure how to deal with this... then I found furniture wax. It worked great! 

I finished off the project with 3 coats of clear furniture wax.

Including more tips on using vinyl lettering as a stencil.

The chair has a nice smooth finish and the wax will protect the paint.

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