Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Fabric Covered Magnet Board

Had a great day doing a photoshoot with Inger Erickson!
Here's a cute magnet board we created together.

Materials Needed:
Fabric     Spray Adhesive     Piece of steel

Step One:
Spray back of fabric with spray adhesive.

Step Two:
Apply fabric to piece of steel.
Smooth out any wrinkles.

Step Three:
Turn the piece upside down so the back of the steel is up.
Fold the excess fabric over the edge and smooth out.

Step Four:
Place insert in a frame, accessorize and enjoy!

In the middle of the photoshoot, 
Inger's sweet neighbor brought over 
homemade zucchini bread. 
It was delicious! 
We just HAD to feature it in one of the photos. 

Her neighbor said they went on vacation 
and when they came home she had enough zucchini 
to make 48 cups of shredded zucchini! 
Now that's A LOT of zucchini!

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