Thursday, June 7, 2012

Be Kind

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I love this quote!

I had an experience just last week with this concept... it seems to be a lesson I am reminded of again and again.

My 5 yr. old, Derek, attends a preschool in my neighborhood. Two teachers run the school. I got a call Sunday night from one of the teachers informing me that Derek's class on Monday would be canceled. She told me that she just didn't have enough time to teach his class and put together a graduation that would be special for the kids. The thought entered my mind: why would they cancel a class on the last week of school... it's their job... just get graduation done... stay-up late, whatever it takes...
Fortunately, I asked why she was planning Derek's graduation and not his regular teacher. She then explained how Derek's teacher had left the country to be with her mom who was in a tragic accident.

WOW! Then the thought came to me: Stop jumping to conclusions and judging people!

I continually learn to just love and not judge, we'll never know the everything to why people do and act the way they do. My lesson for the day: Just Be Kind! For everyone is truly fighting a battle.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. I live by this quote, every day, because I understand those "silent struggles."